We have been in the manufacture and export of textile products since 1993. We have the technical expertise and hands on experience at all levels of production and international trade.

 Our aim is to support our customers by advising and supplying the correct merchandise strictly in conformance with the contract. We will deliver this in a friendly and co-operative environment together with our clients and our dedicated team.

 Our major strenghts are as follows:

  •   Our ability to supply quality products at competetive prices with short production and delivery lead times,

  •   Our ability to supply smaller quantities as well as bulk quantities,

  •   Our goods are free from quota and exempt from import duty in the EU countries,

  •   Our goods comply with the EU Health and Safety Regulations,

  •   Our technical and expert help and guidance from concept to order stage,

  •   Monitoring every processes of production and random quality controls to prevent deviations,

  •   Final inspection before shipment based on ISO 2859, BS 6001, DIN 40080 AQL Sampling Plan.

 We share your vision and would like to take part in realizing your dreams.